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Tropical North Queensland rarely drops below 20 degrees throughout the year, so having a Tropical Pool you can cool down in afterwork and on the weekends is MUST. As part of our ‘GO BIG’ campaign the team at Tropical Life Buyers Agency have put together 5 reasons why we believe you need a big pool.

  1. Weather

During the warmer months throughout Tropical North Queensland, temperatures can reach above 35 degrees and humidity can be very unpleasant. To make life easy during this period having a BIG tropical pool is a must.

If you have lived most of your life outside of Queensland the heat and humidity, take a long time to get you used to. Having a pool BIG POOL is a great way to help with the transition of climatising to Tropical North Queensland.

  1. Lifestyle

Once you own a BIG POOL in Tropical North Queensland, we believe it makes homeowners and families happier and they can enjoy the tropical lifestyle much more. A pool allows families to host parties, entertain guest, relax on weekends the list goes on.

There is so much lifestyle upside that comes from owning a pool. Families with kids don’t need to travel to the beach or local creeks for a swim.

    3. Appeal

A BIG POOL can add great aesthetic appeal to your home making it feel inviting, peaceful, and tranquil. This can really help with mental sanity and overall well-being.

When you have a pool your property appeals to a unique group of buyers, and these buyers are usually prepared to pay a premium for this amenity. It can really help getting a good price when the sad times comes, and you need to sell your home.

  1. Value

A well-build pool can add significant value to your property up to $100,000 in some cases. After purchasing 100’s of properties across Tropical North Queensland we have seen homes with pools be sold for significantly more than similar properties on the same street without pools.

A good pool can be a great value-add to your home. We’ve seen many buyers becoming emotionally attached to homes and have been motivated to purchase the home purely based on the pool. This is the power of a BIG pool.

  1. Health
A pool can have many health and well-being benefits. Doing laps and thridding water in your pool can help with weight loss and muscle growth.

A BIG pool can also help relax and the mind body after stressful and busy days at work.

If you’d like to purchase a home with a BIG pool in Tropical North Queensland. Reach out to the Tropical Life team.

Troyson Bassani

Owner & Head of Research

Buyers Agent Cairns | Buyers Agent Port Douglas

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