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When I started my Investing and Buyers Agent journey many years ago, I stumbled across a proven formula by renowned property commentator Michael Yardney. What I liked about his 6 stranded Strategic Approach is that it limited your downside risk and maximized your upside potential. To this day our team use his Strategic Approach for buying the outperforming properties in North Queensland blended in with our on the ground perspective and objective data points.

To ensure we buy a property that will outperform the market averages we use a 6 Stranded Strategic Approach. 

Each strand represents a way of making money from property and combining all six is a powerful way of putting the odds in your favour. If one strand lets you down, you have two or three others supporting your property’s performance.

Let us help you buy your next investment property in North Queensland using this 6 Stranded Strategic Approach.

We are Buyers Agents on the ground Servicing Cairns, Port Douglas, Atherton, Mareeba and Innisfail

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