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How A Commercial Property Buyer's Agent Can Help?

A commercial property buyer’s agent assists clients with purchasing income-producing commercial property. We go out on your behalf and find the right property to purchase for your investment portfolio, often negotiating the sale of unlisted buildings. In short, as buyer’s agents, we go looking for sellers because we already have a buyer.

Why You Need a Commercial Buyer's Agent in Queensland

Buying a commercial property as an investment or to trade is wrought with many variables that can affect its profitability. As buyer’s agents, we keep track of all these variables for commercial properties in Cairns, whether currently on the market, recently sold or held in a portfolio.

We cover the whole of Northern Queensland as buyer’s agents. This vast area has over 100 unique suburbs in four different council jurisdictions – Cairns, Townsville, Port Douglas, Mareeba, Atherton, Innisfail, Mission Beach and all the rest! This is a large territory, but we cover it all when finding the right commercial property for your investment portfolio.

Attracting Willing Sellers

We have experienced that good investment properties seldom come on the market, yet their owners are often willing to sell if the price is right. Unlike a seller’s agent, we throw unlisted properties into the mix and will negotiate directly with the owners on your behalf.

We work almost exclusively with “geographically challenged” buyers, being your eyes on the ground in Cairns and surrounding areas. All aspects of the deal are handled through our offices, with ourselves acting as intermediaries on your behalf until the successful purchase of the property is finalised. Integrity and our reputation is our hallmark.

We Find Commercial Property in Cairns

Tropical Life adds value to your investment portfolio by locating the best-fit commercial property in Townsville, Cairns and surrounding areas. Our extensive research and positive relationship with local seller’s agents allows us to create excellent opportunities for our clients, whether first-time investors, large property conglomerates or a business looking for new premises.