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After many visits to the tropics with their young family this adventurous couple decided it’s time to make the jump and buy the Tropical Life.

Dave and Shannon hail from the Victorian peninsula where they’ve spent all their lives and where they’ve been raising a young family.  Dave and Shannon are both teachers and love what they do but felt it’s time to have a break from the cold and Victorian rat race and slow things down in the Tropics.

Their family plans are to spend several years living in Tropical North Queensland and see where life takes them. With so much to see and do in the Tropics its certainly going to be a change of weather, pace, and scenery.

Dave mentioned his very keen on potentially working in some of the schools located in the lower socio-economic catchments in Cairns to give back to the community, live with purpose and help uplift many marginalised kids.

With their new life starting shortly in the Tropics Dave and Shannon wanted to find a property that had all the comforts of home, but at the same time ticked all the right boxes to become a long-term investment property.

The team at Tropical Life Buyers Agency where able to secure 18 Kingsford Street, Mooroobool under a multiple offer scenario. It features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Lockup garage and a beautiful tropical pool.

Image: 18 Kingsford Street, Mooroobool

As an investment property this purchase has a lot of versatility. Firstly, it appeals to the rental market, so it can be rented easily and at the premium. Secondly, it’s a property that appeals to the Airbnb market due to its convenient location, dual living and tropical pool. Thirdly, the land is zoned medium density residential which gives Dave and Shannon the option to potentially knock down and build multiple dwellings through a small development or even onto the land to a cash strapped developer in future. The upside on this property is endless.

We are grateful to have played a small part in the exciting new chapter of this family and we wish them all the best on their new life in Tropical North Queensland.

To check out Dave and Shannon’s awesome new short-term primary residence and long-term investment, click on the link below.


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Troyson Bassani

Owner and Head of Research

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