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Investing in North Queensland

The property market

Tropical North Queensland famously known as being the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and boasting the World’s oldest Tropical Rainforest.  This Australian Region is the most Northern Regional hub on the Queensland East Coast, home to multiple economic pillars and a population more than 250,000 residents. 

Cairns is the largest population centre in Tropical North Queensland, however the region does harbour several small bustling country towns including Mossman, Atherton, Mareeba, Innisfail & Tully. Historically the Tropical North Queensland Residential Property Market has performed well due to its multiple economic pillars. As a result of these pillars the TNQ region has been well buffered from volatile market swings, many property experts refer to this area as the ‘old tractor’ it just keeps performing. In fact, there are many suburbs across the TNQ area that have outperformed those of well-known Capital Cities on a year-on-year percentage basis.

TNQ is the perfect area for an avid investor looking for an investment that has a combination of Capital Growth and Positive Cashflow. There are several suburbs here that tick all the property investment fundamentals.  Do not speculate about these areas, use our local market understanding and perspective to minimise your downside risk and maximise your upside potential.

Why invest in Tropical North Queensland

The push to develop Northern Australia

Covering 40 per cent of Queensland’s land mass, our north has the resources, the connections across the Tropics, and the land, skills and institutions that the Indo-Pacific region needs; a region that has the savings and the markets to drive northern prosperity. The State and Federal Government are pouring billions of dollars in resources and capital into the development of Northern Australia.

Australia’s north is unique in the developed world hence why the Australian Government are extremely committed to Developing the Northern Region. It sits at the intersection of the two great regions of global economic and population growth — Asia and the Tropics.

Your Region of Investment

  • The booming economies of south east Asia and southern China are within three to five hours flying time from Cairns. Tropical North Queensland boast an International Airport with direct flights to multiple countries around the World.
  • South-East Asia account for 40 per cent of the world’s population today, rising to 50 per cent by 2050 (State of the Tropics, 2014). Cairns and Tropical North Queensland is a well-positioned city to capitalise on trade relations with this growing corridor
  • The north operates in similar time zones to the most dynamic economies in Asia — a particular advantage for service industries.
  • The region is integrating fast — Australia has recently concluded Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Japan, South Korea and China, and is in ongoing negotiations with India, Indonesia and on regional FTAs such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the Pacific Agreement for Closer Economic Relations. All of these major Companies will now consider Tropical North Queensland as there Australia based Head Quarters.
  • It is a gateway for our defence and security cooperation into the Indo-Pacific region and supports Australia’s ability to project and sustain forces into the region for surveillance, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. This is all driven from the massive Regional hub of Cairns.

Tropical North Queensland makes nett contribution of 5% to GDP of Queensland.

GRP 2020

$16.7 100


Cool Number
278,58 100

Local Jobs

Local Jobs
134,70 100

Largest industry

(by employment)

Health Care and Social Assistance

Local Businesses

ABS 2020
25,26 100

Employed Residents

NIEIR 2020
138,08 100

Resources: The Australian Government’s 2015 Our North, Our Future: White Paper on Developing Northern Australia laid the foundations for economic growth to maximise northern Australia’s potential

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