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Josh and Amanda reside in Weipa, Cape York. The young couple lead busy lives in the small mining town as a pilot and retail worker.

Like most young couples the remote life was temporary and designed to gain experience and build credentials in their respective fields.

Image 1: Josh & Amanda 

Cairns to them always seemed like the logical choice to put down roots and have a place they could call home. Even though they grew up in other parts of Australia they loved Cairns because of its slow paced lifestyle, beaches, people and job opportunities.

As first-time home buyers and geographically challenged they were overwhelmed and out of touch with the buying process and Cairns property market.

They reached out to the Tropical Life team after hearing about buyers agents through family friends. We still remember our initial meeting with Josh and Amanda hearing just how scared and overwhelmed they were with buying property.

Josh and Amanda had a modest wish list and had no real expectations on getting a property that ticked all their boxes. Some of the things that were important to them was to be within a 10-minute radius from the airport, a house in a quiet safe resident area, 3-4 bedrooms and a property that could later be converted to an investment.

Image 2: Josh 

Luckily for Josh and Amanda what would come to be their first home and dream home 9 Valmadre Street, Caravonica was listed for sale that ticked all their boxes. Knowing this information the team at Tropical Life Buyers Agency got straight to work, conducting an pre-purchase inspection and formulating a property brief with key information about the property.

All of which is designed to ensure Josh and Amanda are well informed before taking further steps towards buying their dream home.

After two days on the market, we placed a attractive ‘time sensitive offer’ on the property that was only valid for 48 hours. This buying strategy was enough to create enough doubt in the selling party to take a bird in hand or spend the next few weeks at open homes and engaging with unqualified buyers.

This strategy worked and within 4 days on the market we had the property under contract for Josh and Amanda.

The young couple are now in the process of relocating to Cairns over the coming months and are excited to start their next chapter in Cairns.

To check out Josh and Amanda’s first home and dream home click on the links below:

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