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Nested 60 minutes South of Cairns, on the pristine Cassowary Coast sits the quiet seaside town of Mission Beach.

Despite boosting some of Tropical North Queensland’s best beaches and Island getaways it’s been overshadowed by Port Douglas for the tourism and housing market over the last 2 decades.

Image: Dunk Island, Mission Beach

Playing second fiddle to Port Douglas the Mission Beach local property market has failed to fire and the sheer lack of tourism investment can be largely attributed to its market trajectory. A trajectory that’s still very blurry to many.

Tourism investment into Mission Beach dried up significantly after Tropical Cyclone Yasi in 2011 which decimated the small community and its failed to recover since.

There has been several attempts over the last decade by hotel chains and well known developers to revive the tourism market and turn it into another Tropical North Queensland tourist Mecca.

The team at Tropical Life Buyers Agency believe that Mission Beach has all the right ingredients that holiday makers love with easy access to Tropical Beaches, The Reef and Rainforest. It also sits only 1 hour from the Cairns domestic and International Airport,  a very similar commute time as Port Douglas so it’s also in a very convenient location. Tropical Life also believe it’s a town with all the right ingredients for those looking for an affordable, quiet place to settle down.

Image: Beachside Home, Mission Beach

In 2019, National Developer Mayfair Holdings turned the local property market into a circus after it placed a purchase option on 150 residential properties across Mission Beach only to withdraw their proposed development plans. The median house price for Mission Beach currently sits at $522,000 and has plenty of upside potential if the town can secure future tourism investment.

The recent announcement by local Cairns base tourism operators Quickcoast Xpeditions of a Ferry service that will commute regularly between Cairns and Townsville that provides holiday makers with a delux tropical Island hoping experience. Mission Beach is well positioned to be one of the products great beneficiaries. With a fresh new flow of inbound tourists it can boost local businesses and drive further investment into the seaside town. All of this could then lead to further demand in Residential housing and we may see this median house price grow very quickly.

Image: Ferry Service, Quickcoast Xpeditions

The team at Tropical Life Buyers Agency are monitoring this market very closely and Mission Beach will be a consideration for our investor clients once we get more certainly around future tourism investment. With a median house price of $520,000 it’s currently $400,000 cheaper than its Northern big brother Port Douglas sitting at $980,000 so it’s a market that potentially could have tremendous upside potential.

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Owner & Head of Research

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