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What he said was that the flow of money passes through 4 types of person.

Employee: He who trades time for money they have no leverage
Self Employed: You are your own boss but essentially still have to trade your time to make money
Business Owner: A person who trades other people’s time for money. But you are only free when your business can operate completely fine for long periods of time without you.
Investor: They don’t have to work for money they create passive streams of income through multiple investments and they don’t essentially have to trade their time for money

It’s funny because we were never taught in school by the Investors or Business owners (The government might be deliberately doing this so we become law abiding tax paying citizens for the rest of our lives) it was Employees = School teachers. I’ve got nothing against teachers that’s a fantastic, noble and rewarding career. It’s just from a young age most of us were taught by them and our parents that we should go to school, get a steady job, buy a house and save for retirement. This is more safe and secure they said but it’s actually a false security because we never end up with financial freedom and retire just above broke. The worst part is you end up trading 65% of your time on Earth working for money.

From looking at this I think the key thing firstly is Leverage. You have no leverage (meaning ability to use money to make you money) when you are trading time for money. Secondly time, you get it back when you have passive streams of income (meaning money where you don’t have to exchange time to get it). I suppose everyone has to start somewhere but for you the ultimate goal should be to make into a ‘I’ investor.

What are your thoughts?

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