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Realestate dot com is the go-to platform for most home buyers and investors when they are searching for a property. Up to 90 per cent of property buyers shop on this platform and its now a no brainer for vendors when listing their property for sale.  

With sophisticated walk-through technology buyers can shop with confidence for property even when they are interstate or international. Now we can see in real time just how many online property shoppers are out there with realestate dot com providing online search interest suburb level data.

The team at Tropical Life Buyers Agency are always closely monitoring the online search interest of suburbs to gauge which suburbs are in the highest demand to figure out buying strategies for home buyers and investors.

Many property buyers go into a marketplace never really understanding the current levels of demand and learn quickly after putting in offers and missing out. This could potentially be avoided if they looked at online search interest data and then came up with a buying strategy.

When online search interest data is high you are in most cases dealing with a marketplace in high demand. The state average for online search interest sits around 1000 views per listing. Anything above this figure you know you are operating in a different marketplace.

Investors can also use this data to pinpoint hotspots or places that are in high demand and use this data to invest with confidence.

The top 10 suburbs in Cairns with the highest online views for January 2023 appear to be dominated by the Northern Beaches.

Kewarra Beach sits at the top with a median house price of $640,000. The team at Tropical Life believe this huge demand for Kewarra Beach is being driven by affordability as the Kewarra Beach Median is close to $300,000 less than neighbouring suburbs Clifton Beach and Palm Cove.

There is also a lot of new development in the pipeline with The Palms Estate and the new tourism precinct at Paradise Palms that’s getting a lot of home buyers and investors interested in Kewarra Beach essentially driving up these online search interest numbers. 

Image: The Palm Estate, Kewarra Beach. 

The list also features trendy inner middle ring suburbs such as Whitfield, Brinsmead and Edge Hill as more home buyers are looking for leafy green established areas within a close proximately to the CBD.

The surprise suburb on the list is Mount Sheridan with a median house price of only $462,000. The team at Tropical Life believe affordability is really what’s got a lot of home buyers interested in Mount Sheridan. It is very difficult to get anything in the Cairns Northern Beaches under $600,000 particularly free-standing family homes on a decent size block.

This is shifting many home buyers to the Southern Corridor of Cairns to suburbs like Mount Sheridan. With good established stock and a commute time under 20 minutes to the CBD it presents as great value for money right now.

See the below top 10 list.

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Troyson Bassani

Owner & Head of Research

Tropical Life Buyers Agency

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