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What Is a Buyer's Agent, and How Can They Help?

The traditional perception of the real estate industry consists of sellers, property agents acting on behalf of the seller, and buyers. It also means that first-time and seasoned buyers must negotiate the price and terms of sale with a seasoned agent placing the seller’s concerns paramount in the deal. Enter the buyer’s agent–but what is a buyer’s agent?

What Does a Buyer's Agent Do for You?

A buyer’s agent fulfils an important role in finding the best residential, commercial or industrial property for you. We create a knowledgeable layer between buyer and seller (or seller’s agent) to keep your property portfolio profitable. Finding the right properties for our clients is our business. We constantly research growth and decline trends, maintenance expenditures and other critical information, including the legal aspects of property ownership.

If you’re in the market for a property, a seller’s agent will inundate you with everything they have on the books, leaving you to sort through the lot. But by using our buyer’s agent services, we’ll only present you with carefully curated, suitable properties that conform to all your requirements.

Once you’ve chosen the right property for your portfolio at our recommendation, we’ll conduct the negotiations on your behalf with the owner or their agents. We’ll use our extensive knowledge of the area and similar properties to negotiate a winning price for you.

In the case of an investment property, we also assist with Property Management and find a suitable property manager. We also negotiate their fees in your best interest and undertake necessary negotiations with existing tenants that could influence the profitability of your new investment.

Your Knowledgeable Buyer's Agent in Cairns

We are buyer’s agents. That is what we do. We research the property market in Cairns and surrounding areas, building a database of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We use this data to track the market and weed the offerings. The result is that you can always trust Tropical Life to only present positive property investments in Cairns.